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Who? | A Dimension Of Mind
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By way of an introduction I’m a, Science Guy, Writer, Biker, Geek, Trekkie(er), Tech Fan, Curious about the Cosmos, Comic Book Connoisseur (10,000+ collection …I know it’s mad!), Hopefully Good Husband & Father to three awesome crazy kids, Movie Fan, and dreaming of one day travelling among unknown stars… Oh, and some folks call me Nick, some others call me unrepeatable things.

Science research and education are my trade and life-long hobby, all things Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, and Computing, fascinate me with their potential to build a better tomorrow. However in the hands of humanity, and its many personality flaws, we’re aren’t as far as we should be, I’m still eagerly awaiting my wobot buddy Walter, Hoverboard, jet pack, flying DeLorean, Phaser, Starship, and the list goes on.

While waiting for the future to arrive, there’s a few other things I get up to when passing the time. I’ve recently embarked on putting pen to paper, with some tales I’ve had running around in my head for many years. I realised that I’ll never get to make the twenty Batman movies I had planned, or the ten Superman ones, stupid Warner Bros, or get to make my Star Trek TV show, that followed on forty years from The Next Generation, stupid Paramount/CBS, so I went my own path…

Having a collection of stories in your head eventually reaches a crisis point, you begin to run out of space. Remembering to pick up milk on the way home is replaced by rapier wielding Victorian explorers, turning steampunk mechanisms against a horde of vampires, in the cold misty back streets of London; or a race against time to bring engines on-line on a starship, before the rocky debris of shattered planet tears through the hull.

The time has come for me to let off some steam, release some of the ever increasing pressure on my skull, and set loose some of my deliriums upon the unsuspecting world.

The first of these is to be ‘The Astonishing Adventures’© a new series of short stories and novels. The tales of Heracles Flint and his Society of Esoteric Technica, serve as the history for the future set space opera ‘Chronicles of The Invincible’© which is coming once the adventures get moving. It’s taking longer than I’d planned to get things moving, but the wheels are turning.

I’ve always had a love for the punk sci-fi aesthetic, and well, all sci-fi. There’s some amazing ideas that flow from those collected genres, with devices and machines that are mesmerising in their complexity and wonder, and it’s a marvellous view of the possibilities that just didn’t quite happen, but most likely thrive in a parallel universe.

I’ve mixed up numerous sci-fi elements into my new adventures, and I’ve packed in most of the things I love reading about, or seeing made real on the big or small screen. Tales that take us from the cobblestoned streets of 19th century London, to distant worlds centuries into the future.

Comics have been a huge part of my life ever since I could read the words in the speech bubbles, and continue to be to this day. I could have a whole other website dedicated to why I love them, what I’ve learned from the writers and artists that make them, how certain characters have defined my world view and the core of who I am, but I’ll resist, perhaps a post in the Journal will cover it down the line.

For now I’ll point you to The Comic Book Community the Google+ Community I own. You’ll find thoughts, reviews, art, laughs, and arguments all streaming past. If you’re handy with a pencil or digital stylus you should also check out the CBC Artists’ Alley as well for Fan Art Friday drawing challenges, tips, critiques, and more.

Finally, below I’ll direct you to a couple of reviews I’ve done previously, part of an on/off series I was putting together on Medium and Google+ called ‘Simply The Best’. Hopefully you can pick up some of my love of comics from these, and perhaps you’ll head to your local comics store, or grab a few on your iPad. Enjoy!

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