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Calling all Sherlock fans! The games afoot!

The home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is under threat and needs your support.  Check out the Undershaw Preservation Trust web site , and sign the e-petition here

Please reblog this far and wide across the Tumblr-verse, time to act is running out : )

Awesome, hope the film is good, but I’m not too sure from the trailers so far..



Gorgeous Mondo poster for John Carter

John Carter has received a new poster designed by the artistic whizz-kids at Mondo, and to be honest, it knocks all of Disney’s official efforts into a cocked hat!

The new poster shows Taylor Kitsch’s Carter looking out across the planet of Barsoom (that’s Mars to you and me), while the night sky glitters with an array of stars and spacecraft. Pretty cosmic, no…

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