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As a special final week reward we’re offering you, someone you know, maybe your kids, the chance to enter Heracles Flint’s world and have your own ASTONISHING ADVENTURE! 

You’ll get a short story, approx 20 pages, sent to you as a PDF with its own unique cover, and along with your tale you’ll get everything from the Digital Art Reward as well, the ebook, the digital character art portfolio etc, see the KS page for full details.

With this reward your short story will feature your full name or another of your choosing, set where you live or another location of your choosing. Your tale will be an action packed blast against the forces of darkness, or perhaps you’ll want to be a villain, taking place within the time frame of novel Forever in Shadow, so any time between the 1870s and the present day. 

As there’s such a wide range of time your tale could be influenced by a host of ‘punk’ sci-fi genres, including Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Decopunk, Teslapunk, Atompunk, or Cyberpunk, and perhaps a dash of sorcery :-) 

The story will be featured on website, and a larger planned site showcasing tales from Flint’s world.  

The short story written will be age appropriate, so if you wanted to invest in this to have your children battling the supernatural with jetpacks and spud guns for example, they’ll have a grand adventure. Est delivery for these is April 2014 but they will appear between now and then as Forever in Shadow progresses, so if a birthday was coming up, or Xmas, etc we’ll try to accommodate the backers needs :-)

Back us today, the Astonishing Adventures are limited to 10 only, so get them before they’re gone!

Check out Heracles Flint’s Rewards to help us reach 100% on Kickstarter

You could get famous in my book with the appropriately titled I’m Famous! Reward!…. 

Get a cameo in the book with your full name used as a character. You may be dead (you should have ducked) battling villains, a villain, or someone Flint and Co encounter on their adventure…. Plus you get everything from the ‘Get the Book & More’ and ‘Digital Art’ reward levels, the ebook, digital posters of the team in action, and the prologue to the sequel, etc.

Check out Heracles Flint’s Rewards to help us reach 100% on Kickstarter
One of the coolest Kickstarter rewards for my book is The Digital Art Reward!…. 

Invest here and you will be sent full colour Hi-Res digital posters featuring the main characters from the book. You’ll get the Heracles Flint under attack image in Hi-res and…
- Bride of the monster,Diana Von Storm 
- Mechanical man of mystery, Charles Brass 
- Alexandria, Queen of the Wolves 
- NYPD Officer Helena Cole 
- Traveller in time, Arthur Wells 
- Former resident of the Epsilon Reticuli star system, the 78th Kala 
- The immortal evil that is, Dracula
All by our awesome artist Bentti Bisson, and you’ve seen the cool work he can do…. This is the reward you want! :-) ….Plus you get everything from the ‘Get the Book & More' reward level, the ebook, digital poster of the team in action, and the prologue to the sequel.

Check out Heracles Flint’s Rewards to help us reach 100% on Kickstarter

I’m into my last 3 days on Kickstarter and I’ve some great rewards for backers to help mehit 100% and unleash a new universe of punk sci-fi, horror, and adventure.

With the Get the Book & More! reward you get the e-book of The Adventures of Heracles Flint – Forever in Shadow in several formats, and a stunning digital poster by our awesome artist Bentti Bisson, featuring Flint and his Victorian knights, *The Society of Esoteric Technica*, in action!

You’ll also get access to a digital download of the signature clockwork London image, in multiple resolutions for your devices.

Plus you’ll get early access to the short story *The Sword of Kunlun*, prologue for the sequel _Hades Unleashed_ shortly after you receive the book in April 2014.


Ohhh the suspense :-) £1501 pledged from our awesome backers to date, and I really can’t thank you all enough, £999 to get, and 9 days to do it. 

Flint has raised that amount in that timescale when the Kickstarter launched, but we need help to do it again. This is a dream project, and something I simply will never be able to achieve without this funding, my three kids have a magical ability to drain my bank balance, I must stop feeding and clothing them :-)

This is book one of three, with short story and art anthologies planned, comics, and people have been discussing a web series with me as well, but it all starts here. It’s all or nothing. 

Spread the word far and wide, 100% is within reach :-) Nick, author of Flint’s adventures


An evening stroll to the theatre is a dangerous undertaking for adventurer Heracles Flint. This is art from a new sci-fi and horror novel, with plans for a comic mini-series/graphic novel in late 2014 

Check out the artist Bentti Bisson at and see his awesome comics fan art. Back us on #kickstarter to get a digital portfolio of his art from the novel featuring the bride of Frankenstein, and the Prince of Darkness..Dracula, & more.

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