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The somewhat unnecessary remake of Paul Verhoven’s excellent cyberpunk action movie Robocop, has come in for much bashing lately with the title character clad in what looks more like Batman’s cast off armour than the fantastic suit created for the original.  

Now it seems they are trying to up his cool ranking by putting him on a ‘futuristic’ motorcycle.

No details of what machine they’ve put under the cyborg Detroit police officer, but it’s vaguely reminiscent of the styling of an R1 or maybe a Buell.  Perhaps Erik is still machining all American bikes well into the future :-)  Check out some pics from the original and the remake above.

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Seen a few more pictures of this recently with the visor on his helmet open and other shots and it looks pretty crap.  The great thing about the original was the clanking robot movement Peter Weller infused the awesome suit with.  The remake seems to have a great supporting cast, but I don’t go to see a film for the great supporting cast…

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Hover Car Is No Hallucination

While you may feel like you’re smoking PCP when looking at the concepts included in the People’s Car Project, I promise you, you’re not hallucinating. Yes, that’s a hover car design and yes, it does look like a translucent yo-yo.

The concept car is one of three designs Volkswagen culled from 119,000 unique, user-submitted ideas of the People’s Car Project (PCP) that the company debuted in China nearly a year ago. The company recently displayed the ideas and concepts at the Beijing Motor Show.

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