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This is a post I did over on the ‘Comic Book Community’ on Google+ and I figured I’d share it with comics fans on Tumblr.  For all the comments on the current state of DC Comics head over to my profile at

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So the great disaster at DC rumbles on with a number of creators giving opinions to Newsarama about life at DC, and why it’s not worth the hassle.  Some great quotes both anonymous and from names we know and love, even Rob Liefield says something sensible!

The one quote that bugged me a bit is; 

I debated giving a detailed answer with specific examples, but the short answer is that what’s happening at DC right now is an unprecedented clusterf**k of epic proportions. Everyone in the industry knows it and can’t really believe what’s going on. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like DC is running out of people willing to deal with the bulls**t, and most fans don’t seem to care. So more power to ‘em.

Most fans don’t seem to care..  I don’t think so and the numerous ‘what the hell is DC playing at?’ posts from myself and a lot of other CBC members prove otherwise.

The core problem I think is that comics have become more ‘Hollywood’ something Chuck Dixon says in his comment in the article.  Massive business models have been built on top of comic sources and the pressure is crushing them.  Comics aren’t just comics any more, they don’t exist to simply be, they’ve been caught up in a corporate machine that is run by money people with no love or care for the source material.  Unless you’re a successful indie creator or lucky enough to be settled at Image of course.

WB have consistently shown that they haven’t a clue how to use their DC acquisitions to good effect, and now are putting pressure on it to change to fix the mistake, when that wasn’t where the fault lay in the first place.

Marvel in keeping everything in house and under control are weathering the forces of big business far better, even with a mega company like Disney breathing down their neck, but they had got their house in order before the merger and provided their way was the right way so leave it alone.  Now the comics do well and the correct input and guidance makes the cinema arm perform spectacularly.

I’ve been a DC comics fan for over 30 years, a good 70% of my 10,000+ collection of comics are DC characters and I love them all dearly.  I care what happens to these books, these tales of adventure, drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, and superheroics shaped who I’ve become, and I’m indebted to the writers, artists, inkers, and everyone involved in making those stories.

It pains me to see what’s going wrong with DC, and can only hope common sense prevails in the end and they get back to appreciating the talented creators who want to work their magic with fantastic characters, and stop seeing things solely through the eyes of a business accountant.

A final excellent quote from Chuck Dixon, “When management starts treating us like tools we wonder why the hell we’re doing this. For the best of us, it was never all about the paycheck.”

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