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A Dimension Of Mind...: Staff Blog Attack

YES! fame at last, unfortunately for a cock up only a web rookie would make, an excuse I shouldn’t have, guard your details folks : )




Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Tumblr Friends

I must apologise for the Staff Blog assault in the last several hours whilst I’ve been soundly asleep. My bad it seems, as I was careless and stuck my password in when prompted to confirm my ID on a Tumblr saying it featured adult content, even…

Phishing scam promising free iPhones and Walmart giftcards popping up on Tumblr blogs

Better living through technology : )



Mobile Health: AgaMatrix iPhone glucose monitor | MedTech

This is an awesome device that turns the iPhone into your own personal blood glucose meter. Well…that’s boring right? My glucose meter does that right now. Not quite. With iPhone being directly linked to current wireless technology the app for iBGStar automatically logs data and sends it to the office of your health care professional so that data is available for review is a precise format. This way your healthcare professional can analyse the data as it comes in and make decisions to optimize the patient’s dosage and other medical management without the patient coming to the office.

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