Imagine an infinite playground, a boundless world of possibilites, countless doors of perception, leading to darkness and light,

Welcome to my world

Quite the flare for the dramatic. Welcome visitors to my space between spaces, my little corner of the digital universe. This is the nexus of my dimension of mind, a universe that spans across numerous parts of the cybersphere. I wanted to find a way to unify it all, to save my fractured psyche from more harm dancing across the myriad of entangled networks I engage with, so here we are.

Everything flows from this peculiar fountain of madness, a stream of consciousness that will have varying degrees of rational depending on the hour and my mood. Travel on, I cannot guarantee your entertainment, nor your safety, but it will be fun to try.

A Dimension Of Mind


Who dwells here? Let’s get to know each other a little better, some science, cosmos, comics, and tales to be told


Enter the MindCloud, a stream of thoughts spanning the many social networks of the web.


My journal of thoughts, opinions, thing’s of note I’ve discovered, things that piqued my interest.